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What can the X-Diag Pro3 diagnostic kit do?
Functions basic and additional
- Coding control units
- Adaptation of control units
- Reads blocks of ecu, abs, esp, pillows, and other electronics
- Reading data streams of vehicle systems
- Display of current system parameters
- Check, test actuators
- Reading and erasing vehicle fault codes
- Automatic model identification by VIN

- Brake Reset - brake pad reset function
- Oil Reset - service indicator reset function
- Sas Reset - the function of resetting the steering angle sensor
- Bat Reset - battery reset function
- Bleeding - ABS air release function
- Elec.Throttle - Droplet Sensor Reset Function
- Tpms Reset - Tire Pressure Sensor Reset Function
- DPF Reg - dust filter recovery function
- Afs Reset - function setting adaptive headlights
- Gear Learn - crankshaft sensor learning function
- GerBox - automatic box adaptation function
- Immo - key writing functions
- Injector - injectors coding function
- Odometer - odometer calibration function
- Sunroof - hatch adaptation function
- Sus Reset - air suspension control function
- EGR reset adaptation
Что может диагностический комплект X-Diag Pro3?

Real-world scanner operation

New Generation Program
with online access for scanners
Программа x-diag Pro3 открыты все марки + дополнительные функции
The program x-diag Pro3 open all brands + additional features + online update 3 Days or One year
Программа x-diag Pro3 открыты все марки + дополнительные функции + 1 год обновления
The program Diagzone Pro3 open all brands + additional features + online update 14 Days or One year
Online for ThinkDiag scanner by adapter number (WORK ONLY OLD BOOT).

Easydiag Goloколичество ограничено
Diagzone server Online for 14 days (offline) or Online update for 2 years
$85 - $125

Scanners for X-Diag Pro3 and DIAG PRO
DBScar(красный)cнят с производства
Golo CarCare
Easydiag 2.0(желтый)cнят с производства
Easydiag 2.0 , Golo 2.0, mdiag, Icarscan
Easydiag 3.0 cнят с производства
Easydiag 3.0 ,Golo 3.0  
Easydiag 3.0 cнят с производства
IDIAG, Diagun
DBScar(красный)cнят с производства
Easydiag 3.0 cнят с производства
Autel MaxiAP AP200  
activation by adapter number (without car brands)
Сканер easydiag Golo + x-diag Pro3
activation by adapter number.
Online for 14 days (offline).
Сканер easydiag Golo + x-diag Pro3 + 1 год обновлений
activation by adapter number.
Online update for one year
ОригинальнPRO 2016
Autel Maxi AP200 from the server X-DIAG
Online 3 day or Online update 1 year
$ 40 - $ 43

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